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  • Open Metal Banding Seals (Pack of 2000) PPSE-12-STEC

    Code: MA83120
    Pack size: Each

    Open Metal Banding Seals. 12mm banding seals to seal parcel strapping. For use in in conjunction with the carton sealing combination tool and sealing tool.
  • Polypropylene Strapping 12mmx2000m Black 82129003

    Code: MA82129
    Pack size: Each

    Black polypropylene Strapping. Quality strapping with a 135kg break strain and supplied on plastic reels that fit floor stands (see MA91500). Size: W12mmxL2000m.
  • Portable Metal Strapping Floor Stand 91796001

    Code: MA91500
    Pack size: Each

    Portable Metal Strap Floor Stand. Metal stand that is simple to load and use. The handle acts both as a carrier and brake to prevent strapping running off. (Strapping not included).
  • Mobile Strapping Dispenser PD40

    Code: 126870
    Pack size: Each

  • Carton Strapping Kit Complete 87110

    Code: MA87110
    Pack size: Each

    Carton Sealing Kit. Each kit contains a 12mm combination banding machine, a roll of 12mmx2000m Black strapping, 2000 - 12mm metal seals and a portable metal floorstand. (All items in the kit are available separately).