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  • 3M SprayMount Aerosol Adhesive 200ml HSMOUNT

    Code: 3M50754
    Pack size: Each

    3M SprayMount Spray Adhesive Repositionable. Easily repositioned up to 12 hours later. Ideal for mock ups, mounting designs, theatre sets, prototyping, exhibition boards and lightweight materials. Clear and non-staining. includes 1 x 200ml spray can.
  • 3M PhotoMount Aerosol Adhesive 200ml HPMOUNT

    Code: 3M50786
    Pack size: Each

    3M PhotoMount Spray Adhesive Permanent. High strength adhesive - provides an instant and permanent bond. Ideal for photographs, archiving, illustrations, prints and maps.pH neutral, non yellowing and UV resistant. Clear and non-staining.