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  • Unibond Duct Tape 50mm x25m Black 1517009

    Code: HK34125
    Pack size: Each

    Unibond Duct Tape 50mm x 25mm Black. High strength adhesive for a secure, long lasting hold. Water resistant, heavy duty, tough and strong. Adheres to multi-surfaces and can be applied around uneven surfaces. No need for scissors.
  • Black Waterproof Cloth Tape 48mmx50m RY07584

    Code: RY03758
    Pack size: Each

  • Legamaster Black Self-Adhesive Tape For Planning Boards 16m 4332-01

    Code: ED02985
    Pack size: Each

    Self adhesive divider tape is a quick and precise way of marking out columns and rows to transform any whiteboard into a planner. Handy dispenser for easy application. Tape can be removed and board re-used. Tape size: 2.5mm x 16m. Colour: Black.
  • VFM Black Anti-Slip Self-Adhesive Tape 100mmx18.3m 317714

    Code: SBY08846
    Pack size: Each

    Durable, easy to apply anti-slip tape. Abrasive surface provides extreme grip performance. Resistant to oil, detergents, solvents, UV light and all weather conditions. Ideal for factory floors, steps and ladder treads. W100mm x L18.3m. Colour: Black.
  • Line Marking Tape Applicator Black 310241

    Code: SBY05951
    Pack size: Each

    Easy to use applicator to apply PVC lane marking tape. Ideal when straight lines are a necessity. Easy to load tape core. Can be locked in one position using the accompanying lock nuts. The surface to be marked has to be free from dust, dirt and grease.