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  • Q-Connect Premium Comb Binder 12

    Code: KF16762
    Pack size: Each

  • GBC ThermaBind T200 Thermal Binder With Adjustable Heat Settings

    Code: GB23482
    Pack size: Each

    Simple to use thermal binder binds up to 200 A4 sheets. Features cooling tray, audio and visual cycle complete signals and fixed timer fast binding.
  • Fellowes Star A4 Manual Comb Binder

    Code: BB65123
    Pack size: Each

    Fellowes Star A4 Manual Comb Binding Machine 5627501. Ideal capacity for home office use with a compact, user friendly design and operation. 10 sheet punch capacity. 150 sheet binding capacity. Vertical storage.
  • GBC Desktop VeloBinder Strip Binder With Full Width Handle 9707121

    Code: GB20769
    Pack size: Each

    The Velobinder produces stylish, distinctive A4 documents in seconds. Punches up to 20 sheets at a time Binding capacity up to 200 sheets (80gsm) with a single strip size. Compact and totally portable. Includes bind/de-bind tool.
  • GBC CombBind C110 Comb Binding Machine 4401844

    Code: GB37182
    Pack size: Each

  • GBC ClickMan Click Binder (Pack of 1) CA610000

    Code: IC27004
    Pack size: Each

    The GBC Clickman binding system is suitable for binding A4 size documents and up to 95 sheets. Punching capacity approximately 6 (80gsm) sheets. 360x85x85mm.
  • Q-Connect Prof 21 Hole Comb Binder 25

    Code: KF16763
    Pack size: Each

  • Fellowes Pulsar A4 Binding Machine

    Code: BB65124
    Pack size: Each

    Fellowes Pulsar A4 Comb Binding Machine 5627601. A medium sized binder, ideal for small office use, features chip tray with burst out feature to eliminate jams. Includes binding starter kit. 15 sheet punch capacity. 300 sheet binding capacity.
  • GBC CombBind C200 Comb Binding Machine 4401845

    Code: GB37183
    Pack size: Each

  • GBC WireBind W15 Wire Binder 4400402

    Code: GB23476
    Pack size: Each

    Compact and stylish wire binding machine ideal for light office use and desk top binding. Features simple and easy to use controls and easy access clippings tray. Punches up to 15 sheets and binds up to 125 sheets (14mm wire).
  • GBC MultiBind 208 Multifunctional Comb/Wire Binding Machine 4400110

    Code: GB06017
    Pack size: Each

    GBC Multibind 208. A portable comb and 21 loop wire binding machine ideal for the home or small office. Features 8 sheet punch capacity and binds up to 125 pages.
  • Fellowes Grey Quasar+ 500 Manual Comb Binding Machine 5627701

    Code: BB65125
    Pack size: Each

    Fellowes Quasar Manual Comb Binding Machine. Ideal for the binding requirements of medium to large offices. Allows users to punch and bind continuously. 20 sheet punch capacity. 500 sheet binding capacity.
  • Fellowes Quasar Manual Wire Binding Machine 5224101

    Code: BB53001
    Pack size: Each

    Wire binding machine with adjustable paper stop, vertical sheet loading and storage tray with patented wire selector. Punches up to 15 sheets and binds up to 120 sheets with a maximum comb size of 14mm.
  • GBC CombBind C340 Comb Binding Machine 4400420

    Code: GB23640
    Pack size: Each

    GBC CombBind C340 binding machine. Comb binder with auto edge feature, auto centring, easy access clippings tray, double handle, quick starter guide and document separator. Punches up to 25 sheets and binds up to 450 sheets.
  • GBC CombBind C210 Comb Binding Machine 4401846

    Code: GB37184
    Pack size: Each

  • GBC WireBind W18 Wire Binder 2101440

    Code: GB17544
    Pack size: Each

    GBC W18 manual Comb Binding Machine with document separator that divides documents ready for punching, auto centring ensures paper position is always correct and full width punch handle for easy punching. Suitable for use 34 loop wires
  • GBC ThermaBind T400 Thermal A4 Binder 400 Sheet 4400410

    Code: GB23484
    Pack size: Each

    GBC ThermaBind T400 Thermal Binding Machine. Executive machine perfect for medium to high usage. Features a binding capacity of up to 400 sheets, cover size guide, audio and visual ^cycle complete^ signals, adjustable heat settings and auto shut down.
  • Fellowes Galaxy Manual Comb Binding Machine 5622001

    Code: BB52225
    Pack size: Each

    High capacity manual comb binder with a strong handle punches up to 25 sheets at a time. Binds up to 500 sheets of paper with a maximum comb size of 50mm. Features a document and comb size guide and adjustable paper stop. Starter kit included.
  • GBC MultiBind 320 Multifunctional Comb/Wire Binding Machine IB271076

    Code: GB27107
    Pack size: Each

    GBC Multibind 320 comb, wire and 4 hole binding system. Punches up to 30 sheets, comb binds up to 450 sheets and wire binds up to 125 sheets. Features paper size guide, comb/wire size guide, margin depth selector and 7 de-selector pins.
  • GBC MultiBind 230 Multifunctional Comb/Wire Binding Machine 4400423

    Code: GB23643
    Pack size: Each

    GBC Multibind 230 comb and wire binding machine. Punches up to 30sheets and binds up to 450 sheets (comb) and 125 sheets (wire). Features paper separation, auto centring, auto edge system, easy access clippings tray, double handle and comb selector.
  • GBC WireBind W20 Wire Binder 4400426

    Code: GB23646
    Pack size: Each

    GBC W20 wire binding machine punches up to 20 sheets and binds up to 125 sheets (14mm). Features Flowline Pro paper and auto centring, easy access to clippings tray, double handle and SimplyClick wire selector.
  • Fellowes Galaxy Manual Wire Binder (Pack of 1) 5622401

    Code: BB30021
    Pack size: Each

    Fellowes Galaxy wire binder with vertical sheet loading, strong punch handle, easy access jam proof paper tray, adjustable paper stop and storage tray with wire selector. Starter kit for 20 documents included.
  • GBC Surebind 500 Strip Binder 4400400

    Code: GB23474
    Pack size: Each

    Surebind binding machine provides secure binding for contractual and legal documents. Cuts and seals the spine to the correct width. Full width manual punch punches up to 26 sheets. Binds up to 500 sheets (2 inch spines).